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Berlin seems to be the hottest city in the world nowadays with creatives from all over moving to the city for both the tech startup scene as well as the 24 hour party lifestyle. Berlin is also welcoming another persona: the refugee from a war torn land hoping to make Berlin home. With this influx of New Berliners, there needs to be a portal where they can get relevant information quickly. This is provided by Neu Berliner: A straightforward and responsive website that can be accessed from computer, tablet and mobile so that it is accessible to those who need it no matter what device they own. Available in English, Arabic and German. This also serves as a guide for foreigners to assimilate German norms and culture.

Neu Berliner : German translation of New Berliner

aka NeuB: as in Newbie


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Tablet or smartphone? NeuBerliner adjusts itself to your needs.


Gloria, 24, USA

Equipped with a years worth of savings from her job at the carwash, all her favourite clothes and blessings from her family back in Wisconsin, Gloria is finally making the move to Berlin. She doesn’t have a place to stay yet but she figures she’ll figure it out once she gets there. She tried researching accommodations online but there were way too many sites to choose from. She also wanted to know about the food Berlin had to offer but there were several other websites for that too. This wasted even more time. What she ideally needed was just one website that told her everything she needed to know about the city.

Jan Vogel, 28, Germany

Jan’s work as a freelance photographer has taken him all over the world, from Aberdeen to Zanzibar. He mostly backpacks it and discovers a place as he goes along. However when he received an attractive job offer at a startup in Berlin, he was at a loss. Having lived in Dusseldorf all his life, he realized that he knew nothing about the other cities of his homeland. While weighing the pros and cons of moving,  it boiled down to whether Berlin was more entertaining than Dusseldorf or not. After scouring several websites and apps for hours on his tablet, he was more confused than when he started! He wanted to go to one place to discover all the entertainment Berlin had to offer, whether it be attractions, shopping or clubbing.

Hashim Barakat, 19, Syria

Along with his mother, Hashim was deeply touched by Angela Merkel’s generous offer of support for Syrian refugees.  His father was a casualty of war and without him, the family struggled to make ends meet. They saw Berlin as the Promised Land and decided to make the long and arduous journey through several countries. However when they finally arrived at a refugee camp in Berlin, they struggled to figure out this foreign city. Neither did they speak German, nor did they know anything about the customs of Germany. They were enrolled in classes to teach them, but what they really needed was to find out about the customs of Berlin through their smartphone in their native Arabic.



A simple and straightforward colour scheme of white, grey, black and blue as our spot colour. Roboto was chosen as the font.


This is an original UI design. All icons are original.

All images and text featured on the website have been taken from the internet.

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